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Nancy Donenfeld, M.A.
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"Nancy Donenfeld and her method really changed my life. I lost both 80 pounds and stopped smoking quite a long time ago and I still think of my self as a thin person and as a non-smoker! The shifts seemed so relatively easy to make with her. I'd recommend this place to anyone. And the whole process was quite enjoyable too. I was actually "into" losing weight. Also, I must say, I was thoroughly and totally amazed at how easily I stopped smoking in one session, and not only didn't gain weight after that, but proceeded to lose the 80 pounds and have honestly kept it off. Wow!!!! Everybody doubted that I'd do it and keep the weight off, including me. I'm sure I'll never gain it back!!!! I can't thank her enough!!!!."

Nancy, singer, Brooklyn, NY

"Now I sleep like you taught me, I swear! I go to sleep when I choose to and stay asleep all through the night and I even wake up exactly when I'm supposed to! I'm amazed!"

Julie M., NYPD Sergeant, New York, NY

"It worked really well, like magic. I was never a believer till now. Worked from the 1st session".

Adrian B., Ophthalmologist, New York, NY

"Right away, that same night that I had my appointment with you on the telephone, I went to sleep and really didn't expect myself not to snore. When I woke up though, my wife was beaming. For the first time in a long time, she told me that she had a great night's sleep and I didn't wake her up once. I'm so excited! I listened to the tape you made for me and tried to pay attention. It was so interesting. It's now been 6 weeks and I haven't awaken her once because of any snoring. I'm so appreciative and so is my wife! Thank you so much. I think you saved our marriage. At least now my wife doesn't have to go sleep in our guest room like she used to do!"

George P., Executive, New York, NY

"I have always believed in the power of hypnotherapy to alleviate matters of the mind-anxiety, depression, addictions, etc.-but I never knew these powers extended to the physical body as well. That is, until I met and worked with Nancy. In March of 2006 we got a puppy. I was so excited about her....But there was a problem-I was allergic to her! ... I had itchy skin and a scratchy throat whenever I was around her. It was so incredibly uncomfortable and it made me so incredibly sad. ... But then a friend recommended Nancy because his wife had had success.... I worked with Nancy in the early spring of 2006, and I have not had one allergic reaction to my puppy since then! She is truly amazing. Not only did Nancy help me to cure my allergy to my dog, but she took it one step further, asking if I suffered from seasonal allergies. The answer was, yes. I have been suffering from spring time allergies since I was in elementary school. Nancy told me there was no reason I should continue to suffer during my favorite season of the year or be relegated to a lifetime of medication. We worked on those allergies to, and I have not taken one allergy pill since. I went through all of that spring and the next without one symptom! (I went back a year later just to reinforce and deepen everything). Nancy is incredible!! I had tried hypnotherapy before for other issues, but I never had the same kind of success I had with Nancy. As far as I am concerned, she is a magician!!"

Jill K., Attorney, New York, NY

"Nancy, you're the best! I appreciate every ounce of effort you put in for me! My organization and my decision making is so much better now, and my self confidence has really improved, especially with women. You should see me! My trading is now so much better and more focused. I made $12,000 today!"

Adam S., Commodities Trader, Miami, FL

"....I very much value that Nancy takes the information that you provide her with and she synthesizes it in such a way that it addresses your issues in a well focused, empathetic way. I used to grind my teeth and since being hypnotized by Nancy, I don't think I've done it again. I haven't once awoken with the old pain in the jaws like before. Now I'm sleeping so much better. I'm waking up feeling good, like I had a good night's sleep, something I seldom used to do...."

Jeffrey B., Student, New York, NY

"I also couldn't be more pleased because since we worked together I've lost 18 lbs. like magic and it is still staying off! You know, I live alone and eat out almost every night, and now I find myself eating only partial portions and not eating at all after dinner (or drinking!) and I really like it and it seems so easy and natural! I don't even try, it's just my natural way, now. My whole attitude toward alcohol, food and eating is so different now. I don't feel as though I have to control myself at all as I did when I tried to stop drinking so many times before both on my own and with the other 2 hypnotists.... I'm waking up feeling so much better since I stopped drinking. Nancy, you're fabulous! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

Manny P., General Contractor, Scarsdale, NY

"I'm writing to thank you for doing the stop smoking session with my grandfather. Not knowing English very well and being very skeptical when he called you, I didn't think it would "work". He had heart problems and doctors told him that he must quit smoking. He couldn't do it, in fact he was smoking even more. He visited you to stop smoking with hypnosis. The result was unbelievable. He left his cigarette pack at your office at that one session and never smoked again. It's amazing what our brain is capable of and we don't even know it... After him, I realized that if this works for smoking it can work for many of my personal concerns. As you certainly know, I was really angry and unhappy when I started seeing you. It all changed so much, and so fast! I loved the specific trance work we did-it allowed me to go so much deeper, so much faster, and it allowed me to be aware of and do what my subconscious already knew it wanted. It was so worth it. It was the best thing I have ever done for myself.... It was truly life changing!!"

Morris C., NYC and Istanbul, Turkey

"My daughter and I are most delighted with both the experience and the results of our work together. The experience was gratifying because you are such gentle teacher: you lead me into understandings about myself that, having arrived, I wondered why it had taken me so long to get there and still do. What we discussed made so much sense and was so intuitive, yet it had been blocked. I respond now to certain things in such better ways! Also, my daughter gets along now much better with her mother, I'm amazed, and she seems so much happier in general. I see a definite difference in her grades and in her study habits now also, thanks to you. The hypno-part of your therapy for me helped me get much deeper and the programs and trancework you used with me were just what I needed to help me understand things so much more clearly. They were also a reinforcement of our shared learnings. It was a technique for me for saying "understand and remember because I know these things are right and they are important to me." Thanks again. I'm sure we'll be seeing you again. We both love working with you."

Edward N., Writer, Brooklyn, NY

"Just wanted to let you know that today is my one-year anniversary of not smoking!! Thanks so much for everything you've done! It feels great! One of my co-workers, M... and her husband are also on the non-smoking path for months and months now because of you. I've given your info. to so many people. Anyway, just wanted to give you that news and thank you again from the bottom of my heart!"

Ro P., Editor, New York, NY

"....Do you remember that prior to being hypnotized, I would eat "with my eyes", whatever was on my plate, I had to eat it completely. Now post-hypnotherapy, I feel and act very differently... No longer do I have to go through "ritual" trying to beg and drag myself to exercise, now I do it like it were second nature. My eating habits have made a 180 degree turn into positiveness.... All in all I feel great. This was a very positive experience for me. Thanks!"

Juan O, Rental Agent, Elmhurst, NY

"I just wanted to give you an update.... I have spent every night sleeping without sleeping pills of any kind since our phone session. It is so awesome: I've been sleeping all through the night, every night-it has just been incredible. And I know, of course, I'll awaken for emergencies or if I want to be awakened. I'm so pleased. I listened to the tape again last night and I was evidently "out" before the tape was finished. I've been wanting to get off sleeping pills for years and you helped me do it finally! Thank you so much!"

Jo Ann B., Psychotherapist, Writer, San Francisco, CA

"Just want to let you know that all is going very well, I'm a non smoker and I don't even try to figure out what and how you did this to me, (there must be lots more than we discussed, because I know, I didn't listen, I just wanted to get it over with when I came in). It worked anyway though-I've never even wanted one since I walked out of your office! You did it for my headaches too. I've only gotten 2 since then and each time I send the pounding down my arm instead like you taught me.... and just about right away, each one went away, incredible! I thank you daily for renewing my health."

Mary Sue L., Nurse, New York, NY

"I want to express my sincere appreciation for the quality of care you provided me during our telephone conversations. Not only do you have incredible hypnosis skills, but I feel you addressed my issues "right on" and had such respect for me as a person. You seem so nice! I appreciate that you didn't judge me or make me feel badly and that you sleuthed out my real problems and also that your technique for dealing with them was so amazing and you work so fast and so deep. It was great, and I know I'll continue to use what you taught me. You have been a very important influence in my life. Thank you so very much!"

Jerry M., Consultant, Chicago, IL

"4 years ago I worked with Nancy to stop twirling and pulling on my hair and to stop biting and picking at my fingernails, and I was so stressed and overwhelmed with everything. Well, I don't have either of those habits at all anymore since those 4 times, and my stress level went down so much, I can't believe it. I can handle things now so much better and things don't bother me nearly so much! When I need it, I still do many of the programs and things she taught me-I still put my thumb to my forefinger for a few seconds.... It works like magic! The subconscious mind is an amazing thing! I'd recommend Nancy to anybody! Now I want my mother to see her!"

Sarah Q, Stay-at-Home Mom, Summit, NJ

"I don't have that fear about flying anymore since I saw you that time. I just came back from Paris and Athens and I didn't have to take a pill at all on any of the flights, or even to drink myself into oblivion!... Wow!"

Jane S., Architect, Dallas, TX

"Thank you so much for your help. Our sessions got me much healthier. I no longer fret hardly at all when I audition for a new part and I'm learning lines so much easier. You know how I always got nauseous before I had to go on stage? That hasn't happened one time since you. Since we met those times, I'm still getting along with my roommate. I "hated" her before I met you and I actually like her now since we did trance work and we're getting along so so much better. I really like how you worked with me and what I learned. I especially liked the idea that we can't control other people, but we can control our reactions to them and we can be really present and really relate. I had big shifts during our talk about contentment and about enjoyment.... Your style of helping people is so focused and so effective, and your wisdom is amazing. I'm so much more comfortable and happy and finally working regularly! Thank you so much! Your guidance has really been a blessing."

Marna K., actress, New York, NY

"I wanted to touch base to let you know what an impact the work that you did with me has had on my life. It is truly miraculous. Since working with you the one time on my skin, its remained clear- except one patch of time in June I temporarily moved back into my dad's house... all sorts of stressors occurred, causing my skin to flare up in lots of places, but unlike in the past, this time I did not go on antibiotics and it all healed up completely, and so fast this time, without the continuing further "infections" as it has done in the past. Rapidly it became actually easy to live with my dad, which it had never been before and I never thought would happen, ever! And on top of that, my skin has been completely clear since then!! Incredible!! I truly want to thank you.... Thanks again SO much."

Suzanne B., Career Counselor, Eden Prairie, MN

"I just wanted to let you know how successful our one session was. I've now lost 52lbs. in six months and I still exercise 4 times a week! I'm at a good, healthy weight now for the first time in quite a few years. The things we discussed got me motivated and really had an impact on my life. What was said and what we did in trance seems to have worked perfectly. Just what I needed. I know I'll never gain the weight back, I love my new body!"

Mary F., Dentist, London, England

"I want to deeply thank you for sharing with me your style and technique. You're a really caring and wise teacher. From speaking on the telephone just 2 times, I find myself cleaning everyday and organizing everything just as we talked about. My life is so much more organized now and I am so much more relaxed. I even find myself having the time now and inclination to finish my dissertation. I'm amazed at how easily I study now and focus. Thank you so much. I don't think I could have gotten to this place without you., certainly not nearly as quickly-maybe never-my dissertation notes have been sitting here, unfinished for 2 years!"

James C., Student, NYC

"I am so happy that I listened to Shule and called you to help me stop smoking and to give that speech in Japan! Now, it is 4 years later and I am still a non smoker! I didn't gain any weight at all because I stopped smoking and I am still amazed at how effortless and fast it was. I can't believe it took only one session! You're right, change takes place in a split second! Also, I really want to thank you very much for also helping me to get over my incredible stress over giving that talk in front of 100 plus people. I actually enjoyed giving it and many commended me about how well I did and how relaxed I seemed. I've since given other such talks and each time it seemed very easy to do. I am now, without a doubt, a "thin, non smoker" and I actually like getting up and speaking in front of people! I think you're wonderful. Our few phone sessions worked quite well and now I'm recommending you to all of my friends! Thank you again!"

Gita C, Mgr., New Products Development, Istanbul, Turkey

"I was anorexic and bulimic for so many years before I saw Nancy Donenfeld. I was in a hospital for awhile for it and that didn't work. I was in such bad shape- I had to wear braces on my wrists already. Even from the first telephone appt. I had with Nancy, I started eating in a more healthy way and I found myself not even wanting to purge it anymore. During each of our phone sessions, I became a "thin, healthy eater" deeper and deeper. It's been seven years now since our last telephone session and I am overjoyed to say that I still weigh a healthy, normal amount, according to myself and my doctor, I eat in a healthy way and I would never, ever purge it to be thinner. I feel great. I started exercising religiously when I worked with Nancy and I've kept it up. It's just part of my routine now. I feel really great. People, including my husband and my mother, say I look great too. I'm so thankful to Nancy. She saved my life."

Penny P., Accountant, Toronto, Ontario Canada

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