Nancy Donenfeld, M.A.
Nancy Donenfeld, M.A.
A Better Way to Change Quickly
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Say Goodbye To Bad Habits With The DONENFELD METHOD™

Donenfeld with clients & patients
Nancy Donenfeld and the Donenfeld Method™ bring about rapid, lasting behavioral change and insight development through the groundbreaking, combined and unique use of such time honored therapeutic tools such as hypnosis, hypnotherapy, meditation, self hypnosis, insight development, communication patterning, brief therapy, NLP, Ericksonian technique and others. These techniques address change in a variety of ways, and their successful use is dependent upon a therapist's knowledge, style, professional and life experience, skill, wisdom and creativity.

Nancy has been helping clients make life changes for over 35 years. Using the Donenfeld Method, insight, growth and change occur, deepening rather than fading with time.

In addition to Donenfeld's two degrees in psychology from The University of Wisconsin, she was the founder and principal teacher and therapist of The Chicago Yoga Institute, Inc. and also the Chicago Institute of Hypnosis, Inc. for over eighteen years prior to moving her practice to New York City. Nancy is now the principal teacher and therapist of Counseling and Hypnosis Assoc., Inc. She is nationally board certified in both hypnotherapy and psychotherapy, has Diplomat standing with both the Am. Assn. of Integrative Medicine and the Am. Psychotherapy Assn. and Fellow standing with the Am. Assn. of Professional Hypnotherapists.

Instead of the typical methodology of others, Nancy's clients are taught what will happen in trance and how to utilize trance to his or her advantage. Nancy utilizes her extensive insight and experience to outline and implement each client’s personal individual course of treatment. Questions are thoughtfully addressed and roadblocks are eliminated thus enabling the client to go deeper into trance to receive suggestions in a more relaxed state.

Because of Donenfeld's style, empathetic manner and intuitive knowledge, each session is unique unto itself. Each session can be described as a collaborative effort between Donenfeld and the client's subconscious, which is where the seeds of change germinate.

Nancy has dedicated her entired professional life to empowering people in their search for personal growth and development. Besides being empathetic and approachable, her style is oriented toward positive, success-oriented strategies. Donenfeld enhances each client's sense of personal power, rather than infringing upon it. Because of this, new insights and behaviors are easily and rapidly utilized.

The subconscious mind will only relate to positive suggestions, and this knowledge guides the direction of each session. For example, telling a client that he or she can’t pursue negative or unhealthy behavior only reinforces the negative aspects of resistance and control. Trying not to think of pink elephants merely reinforces the thought of pink elephants. The negative ("don't", "can't", etc.) thereby takes on more attentive power, hence strengthening negative attention and urges. This positive orientation is one of the many distinct principles of the Donenfeld Method™. Because of Donenfeld's unique method, people feel much more self confident and independent. The results are better, faster and long lasting.

A souvenir recording made into the client’s smartphone or onto Nancy’s computer as an .mp3 file is then given or emailed to each client the same day. Cassette recorder tapes and alternatively be made. Each can be used for independent clarification and reinforcement if desired. All sessions are absolutely designed for student/patient independence and personal empowerment.

When clients finish a session with Nancy Donenfeld, they feel "heard". They are happier and more relaxed. Nancy speaks in the language of each individual. She speaks differently with dancers, business people, stay-at-home moms, moms, musicians, philosophers, photographers and so on. Each generally processes and integrates suggestions differently. No gimmicks, trickery, flashing lights, specific vitamin sales pitches, pictures of celebrities, therapist bait and switch tactics or prerecorded CD’s are used here. Donenfeld works personally and differently, one to one with each client to affect maximum change.

There are many copycats. Please don't be fooled. Nancy cannot vouch for any other person's work. She is not affiliated with any other person practicing in the building in which she sees clients, nor with anyone else in the New York Metro area who claims to practice the Donenfeld Method to have studied with her or be certified by her.

The Donenfeld Method incorporates many traditional and alternative healing modalities, including those of hypnosis, self hypnosis, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, NLP, Ericksonian technique, brief therapy, nutrition, meditation and more.

Donenfeld works personally with each individual in a nonjudgmental, cost effective manner. People often comment on her humor, compassion and warmth. Her intelligence, integrity, wisdom and skill are abundant and apparent. They facilitate profound change and development, thereby allowing the individual to function in a more healthy, happy and effective manner.

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